I have been a professional photographer for 18 years now. Time goes by so fast when you are doing what makes your heart happy. I love color and all things Vintage and Funky. I love to ask my clients questions that make their eyes sparkle when they answer. I love the Ocean. I was born a Navy brat in 1975 in Pensacola, Florida. The Beach calms my soul and inspires my creativity. I love the sounds a newborn baby makes or hearing little ones giggle. There is nothing like it. I am a very visual person. I talk in depth with my clients before the shoot to create a look that fits them. I love to photograph people loving each other. Because that is what life is about after all ....LOVE. I don't photograph because I can I do because I have to it is what makes me who I am. Memories are important to me and I want to preserve those for you. Memories are precious and family is everything.

The music on the main slideshow is by Gareth Asher and Madison Laughridge both Atlanta Based Artist. To hear more visit their website http://www.reverbnation.com/garethasher